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General Policies
Each day the school will provide the Preschool children with snacks consisting of at least two food groups. All children will be offered a morning snack and afternoon snack. We take care of the children with allergies. Lunch is to be brought from home. They should include some form of protein, such as meat or cheese sandwiches on whole grain bread and fruit, juice or milk. No candy, and limit sweets, please. Lunch can be provided by ABC at an extra cost $5/lunch and is not included in the tuition.Licensing
The Preschools are licensed by the California State Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) and conforms to all state laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of child day care centers. State law requires annual unannounced visits and inspection of our school facilities by a CCLD reprsentative.  The CCLD has the right to inspect the facility and interview children without prior parent authorization or consent.  The Purpose of the visist is to ensure that the school conforms to all state laws and regulations.

Transcripts and Cumulative Records
Administration will maintain all legal transcripts and cumulative records as provided by law. Student records are confidential and therefore open only to the child's teacher, the school Director, an authorized employee of the licensing agency, or the child's parent or legal guardian. The teachers will provide progress reports of student achievement to the parents. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held at the end of each assessment period.

Acknowledging the right of parents to know how their child is doing in school, progress reports will be issued at the end of assessment period. Parent-teacher conferences are required at least twice a year and whenever needed or desired. Completed samples of work will be maintained in the student’s portfolio and be made available to parents to keep them informed of progress.

/Sign-Out Procedures
Parents are required to sign their child in and out of school each day. This record is proof that your child is on site and is used in emergency situations. If a child is to be picked up by someone other than a legal guardian, prior written notification is required. Parents/Guardians, are required to provide the school with the names of at least two persons authorized to pick up the child in case of illness or emergency. A photo ID will be required for anyone picking up the child. If either parent is not allowed to pick-up the child, a court order must be provided and placed in the student's file. In the event a person other than those listed in the student file will pick up a child, we will require an advance written notice from the parent. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, a verified phone call from the parent must be made to the school in order for the child to be released to anyone not listed in the student's file.

Parents/Guardians should inform the school immediately when their child is absent. 

Airing Views, Comments, and Grievances
Concerns regarding the school, its policies and procedures, actions of staff members and students, must be expressed to the school administration only. Concerns related to classroom procedures and other educational issues should be brought to the attention of the appropriate classroom teacher. Complaints about specific teachers or staff members should be brought to the school director. Concerns regarding a child other than your own may be brought up with the teacher concerned or staff involved only. 

Before and After School Care
Our school age program offers deliver and pick-up to the adjacent Elementary Schools in the morning and afternoon. Children receiving before school care must be at Busy Bees by 7:40 am each morning. Children will be transported with our center staff to their public school according to their schedules (7:45 am - 8:00 am). Children must be at the designated pick-up spot within promptly of their school's dismissal. Parents must notify Busy Bees no later than 7:30 am if your child does not need to be delivered and/or picked up from school. Written or faxed identification is required. Please remind your child to be at the pick-up point promptly after school.

Snacks and Lunches

Dress Code
Maintaining a dress code encourages good grooming and appropriate clothing most effective for working and playing in school. Children must be dressed comfortably. No thongs or bare feet will be allowed. A change of clothes should be kept at school for each child at all times.

Emergency Procedures
In the event of a natural disaster, medical emergency or other major safety threat, the following emergency procedure will be followed:

• In the event of a medical emergency, the staff of the school will use their First Aid/CPR training to assess the situation and determine what steps need to be taken. Parents will be notified of all injuries via written injury reports and phone calls when deemed necessary. If the injury requires medical attention above what the staff is certified to provide, 911 or other appropriate medical services will be called. If such a call is made, parents will be notified immediately.

• In the major safety threat caused by a terrorist agency or an intruder, the school will follow the coded emergency alert system posted in each classroom. The staff of the school will follow any and all instruction given by local agencies and/or will contact the local Police Department for direction. Classroom will be placed on lockdown and/or evacuation procedures will be implemented depending on the emergency at hand. In the event of such an emergency, parents will be notified as soon as possible via phone once the children’s safety is no longer in question.

Emergency Kit
To help our school be prepared for an emergency, we require that each child have an earthquake kit stored outside the school. We have a disaster plan in place and regularly practice fire and earthquake drills so that the children also know how to respond in case of an emergency. You are required to purchase an emergency kit that contains food and water from us for $15.00.  

Medication Policy
The school will dispense prescription medication, sunscreen, and over-the-counter medicine only with written authorization from the parent. Medications must be provided by the parents, and in their original containers. We will not administer any medication that has expired. Prescription medication must be accompanied by the doctor's dosage instructions. We recommend that you ask your child's physician to prescribe a 12-hour dose of medication when appropriate. This allows the parents to control medication at all times. All medications must be given to a staff member upon arrival at school. Any unused medication not picked up by the parent will be disposed of.

Summer Activities
During our summer months, we have events brought to the school. At a small fee, children can participate in our visits from a magician, fairy, petting zoo, and much more! Field Trips to the Ice Creamery and park may also occur with parental permission.

Holidays and Vacations
The school will observe the following legal holidays: New Year's, President's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, The day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. In addition, there will 4 staff developments days to be scheduled and will give notice at least a month in advance. Please check with our Diector for details.

Birthday Celebrations
A child's birthday is one of the most important events of their year. We honor this special event by allowing each child to share his or her special day with classmates and teachers. Parents are welcome to provide special treats that day, however we ask that you try to bring healthy alternatives to the grocery store cupcakes.


Redirection of Child Behavior
Our positive guidance policies and procedures are designed to help children learn appropriate behavior. The teachers and staff model appropriate behavior at all times, utilizing redirection and constructive solution techniques. Children are taught to use acceptable alternatives such as creative problem solving and critical thinking skills in an effort to reduce conflict. There will be no corporal punishment at the our school.

Biting Policy
Biting is a common problem among small children. Reasons for biting include teething, sensory exploration, autonomy and control, peer interaction, imitation, frustration, anxiety, and curiosity. It occurs most frequently when a child is tired, frustrated, or over-stimulated.

What do we do when it happens?

Attend to the recipient first. Complete an accident report for every incident. Report broken skin to the Preschool Director, and to the child's parents as quickly as possible.

The biting child will be redirected to appropriate activities. Parents of the children involved will be notified. However, neither the parents of the bitten child nor the parents of the biting child will be given the name of the other child in the incident.

If a child has bitten several times in a short period of time, the teacher(s), the director, and the child's parents will develop an intervention plan. 

Please Note: due to COVID-19 our current policies have been altered to fit the health and safety of our students. Please refer to the COVID-19 section for more up-to-date information.