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About ABC Preschool and Daycare
ABC Preschool has been working closely with Community Care Licensing and the Alameda Public Health Authority to ensure ABC is fully compliant with health and safety guidelines. We have constructed a Site Proctection Plan (SPP) which is required by the health department. 

Below is a list of measures that have begun at ABC since resuming June 1st and will continue until further notice.

  • Drop off and pick ups will take place outside in the front of the school. There will be a teacher at the front from 8-9am for drop offs with a sign-in sheet. Drop offs outside of this time must call ABC and a teacher will come outside. The same precaution will occur for pick ups, a teacher will bring your child out for you once you call. This is to minimize numbers and possible contamination in the school. Our number is (510) 581-5577.

  • Classes will take place mostly outside. There will be designated areas for each class in the playground. We are lucky to have good weather during this next month, but canopies will be purchased to provide shade. Art and writing classes will rotate to table areas in the courtyard, other classes will take place under their designated canopies. Children will be spaced appropriately during lunch and snack time.

  • Recesses will be staggered so there is one class at a time in each play area. Relating to above, each class will rotate areas so that all students are not in the building or in the playground at the same time. For specifics on how this will work you may contact me.
  • Teachers will wear masks and for children it will be optional. Your children may refuse to wear masks during the day, so we will not make this a regulation. Each class will have no more than 10 children in their group for the near future.

  • Areas will be sanitized after each use. I have invested in a steamer sanitizer which will be used on a regular basis before and after class use. Disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, bleach solutions, and sanitizer spray will all be used on a consistent level throughout the day. 
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