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Our Toddler program is devoted to nourishing the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth of each child in an enticing environment of self-discovery.  We strive to provide the young preschoolers continuity with familiar activities of the past, present and an introduction to new experiences.  Hands-on activities provide developmentally appropriate reading, math, science, and literacy experiences.  Social skills are emphasized since this is an age where children are still relatively "me-centered".  One of our goals is to help the children become more aware of other's feelings and needs.  We also work on ways children can effectively express their own feelings and needs.
Preschool (Ages 3 to 4 years old):
Welcome to our Preschool Programs:
Our Preschool program is Montessori based to enable children to become independent and self-motivated, and to gain confidence with groups and to be receptive to the ideas of others.  This lively class gives children many opportunities to explore creative avenues and social relationships.  Our curriculum consists of focus on letter recognition, beginning stages of writing, reading skills, concrete math skills, and science.  Classrooms are also set up to provide many opportunities for children to practice decision-making and self-help skills in a safe, supportive environment.
Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4 to 5 years old):
Our Pre-Kindergarten program focuses on school readiness by introducing children to specific academic subjects through teacher instruction and lively participation.  The Pre K classroom is Montessori based and the children are guided through sensorial and Practical life works.  Math concepts are taught and explored with manipulatives and then reinforced through worksheets.  Weekly science experiments are directly related to the letter of the week, as are music and movement.
After School Program (Ages 5 to 6 years old):
Our After School Program is designed to enrich the experiences of TK and Kindergarteners. Once a month, we also offer Kids' Night Out, which is a theme-based fun night from 6:00-9pm.
Toddlers (Ages 2 to 3 years old):